Woof Patrol All About The Dog
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1: Compassionate, considerate and civic-minded pet owner
that picks up after the dog.

2: Traveler and adventurer that recognize premier
pet-friendly hotels, parks, beaches, rest areas, welcome
centers along Interstate highways and other canine-centric
destinations. (Patrollers love to inform us about their
findings; then we write about them.)

3: Owner of canine oriented artwork of current and past
dog loves that are displayed at home, on stationery and on

4: Dog-matic movie watcher that has seen some or all of
the following more than once: Best in Show, Lassie Come
Home, 101 Dalmatians, The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin,
Benji, Eight Below

5: One who is always prepared to offer a fido-sanitation
bag to those that may have forgotten theirs.

6: Keeper of at least one dog sweater.

Background photo: Smitty, hybrid rescue
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